BIMTech has a wealth of knowledge embedded within its team. This includes not only in-depth understanding of the company’s core business of providing MEP services but also the expertise of technicians, modellers and engineers with degrees in architecture and engineering.

Such a wide range of experience allows members of the team to support each other and our clients through an understanding of the construction environment and the application of a considered approach to the co-ordination of MEP disciplines with building structure and fabric.

There is excellent collaboration within BIMTech and this is replicated at client level to ensure solid working bonds between project pre-construction and delivery specialists.

The BIMTech team is made up of self-confessed techno-junkies who thrive on the application of new technology. They are constantly searching for new hardware and software applications to improve the level of information and detail we can provide to our clients. Ever-increasing efficiency and visual clarity are their twin goals.

We are a truly international group of people coming from backgrounds that include the UK, South America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. Everybody integrates well, with such a diverse range of training, education, approaches to work and sector understanding contributing to a richer, more capable professional service – and throwing in a few unusual culinary experiences in the process!